San Diego Gay Massage FAQs

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If you think gay massages are only for gay men, think again!


We offer the ultimate San Diego gay massage service for gay, bi and straight men.  All of us like touch.  Yet many non-gay massages don’t provide therapy on areas like the butt, inner thighs and pelvic muscles — areas that may be erotically charged and that many masseurs have been trained to avoid.


Our San Diego gay massage sessions use the Body Electric style of male-to-male touch, funneling sensual, erotic energy throughout the body.  This heightened energetic charge is key to increasing blood flow and allowing for greater manipulation of tense muscles and knots.  If you’ve never had this type of massage, you owe it to yourself to experience the richness of our Body Electric style gay male massage!



San Diego Gay Massage Session FAQs


  • Do I have to be gay male to enjoy the massage?

No!  Many straight and bi men enjoy this style of massage!  Anyone who has concerns should discuss them with the masseur.  Sometimes people prefer to set boundaries, and these are honored at all times!  Forget any negative notions about the ‘gay’ aspect the massage as our San Diego gay massage sessions are not synonymous with gay sex.

  • Do I need to be nude to receive your San Diego gay massage?

No!  While many men are comfortable being unclothed, some aren’t.  Remember, being unclothed is not about exhibitionism.  The fewer the clothes, the more the masseur can manipulate body parts to provide the best massage experience.  Please tell your San Diego gay massage therapist your preference, draped or undraped, at the beginning of your session.

  • What if I feel nervous?

The best thing is to discuss your nervousness with your masseur.  Your gay masseur has massaged gay, bi and straight men in San Diego and is experienced at reducing nervousness, inducing muscle relaxation and providing a nurturing environment.

  • What should I bring?  How should I prepare for the massage?

You don’t need to bring anything (except money to pay for the session as well as money for a tip if you desire).  It is best not to wear jewelry or cologne.  We have water, oils, towels, a shower, mints and all other supplies.  The best way to benefit from your massage is to take a warm or hot shower right before.  This will not only ensure you’re clean, but it will enhance blood flow and muscle relaxation during your massage session

  • This will be my first San Diego gay massage session.  Is it sexual?

Your gay male masseur is not an escort, so the session is not a “sex” session.  The primary focus is on providing a therapeutic session and using sensual, erotic energy to accelerate the process of muscle release and to achieve a sense of well-being.  That said, it is not uncommon for clients (and the masseur) to become stimulated during the session — and this is natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.   Indeed, men get massages from other men all the time without judgement.

  • How private is the San Diego Gay Massage session?  Will it be discreet?

Massage sessions are performed in a private residence in San Diego (Hillcrest area).  Other than your masseur and yourself, there will be no other people present in the residence so that your privacy is assured.  All client information is kept in strict confidence.


Gay Massage – Myths and Facts


  • MYTH:  Massage sessions are more erotic than therapeutic.
  • FACT:  Our San Diego gay massage is focused on loosening tight muscles and increasing blood flow.  Without question, the therapeutic benefits of the massage often exceed those received in more traditional massage modalities.


  • MYTH:  Gay massages in San Diego are less professional than other types.
  • FACT:  Professionalism is a characteristic that depends more on the masseur than the type of massage.  Our San Diego gay massage sessions are professional and designed to accommodate your needs and preferences.  Pride in our work is why our repeat-client rate is so high!


  • MYTH:  Gay masseurs are not as sensitive or nurturing as women masseuses.
  • FACT:  Gay men understand the male body better than most women!  Many gay men are also said to be just as sensitive or nurturing.  At San Diego Gay Massage, we pride ourselves on being sensitive, nurturing and attentive to all of your needs!



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