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According to a 2013 American Massage Therapy Association survey, almost a quarter of all adult Americans had at least one massage in the previous year.   And more people, especially baby boomers, are finding that massage provides a slew of health benefits.


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Have you been Touched Lately?

But on a more human and less clinical level, one of the most basic pleasures in the world is touching and being touched.   In fact, babies thrive on being held and coddled.  And when they’re neglected, their physical and emotional growth can be thwarted.

Adults are equally affected by the nurturing qualities of touch and erotic massage.  Without touch, many suffer unhealthy consequences such as depression and anxiety.  In our high-tech era, we spend lots more time touching our computer keyboards than our friends and loved ones.  Massage is often considered to be an expensive luxury.

But,as more and more people increase their health-consciousness, many people see massage (and other forms of de-stressing) as important as exercise and good diet in achieving good mental, physical and spiritual health.


Benefits of Regular Massage Include:

HeadacheSeveral studies have concluded that regalar massage and erotic massage therapy can reduce the number of migraines a person has and also improve sleep.

Back and Neck Pain: Several studies, including a 2011 landmark study, showed that massage was better than acupuncture or spinal modification for treating persistent low back pain.  Subjects in the landmark study were also able to reduce the need for painkillers by 36%.

Depression and Anxiety:  More than 12 studies indicate that massage helps relieve depression and anxiety.  More specifically, massage and erotic massage lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol by up to 50%.  Massage also boosts levels of neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.

Osteoporosis:  In a well-designed clinical trial which analyzed the effectiveness of Swedish massage for osteoarthritis, participants received a one-hour massage either one or two times a week.  Massage participants had improvements in pain, stiffness and function while the control group had no such change.

Physical Ailments: Massage is often a wonderful complement to traditional, Western medicine.  It helps induce relaxation and reduces side effects of drugs and medical treatments (e.g. for cancer). It may help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue and nausea as well as improve the function of your immune system.



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