Body Electric Massage

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One of the most basic pleasures in the world is touching and being touched.   In fact, babies thrive on being held and petted.  And when they’re neglected, they don’t develop at a normal pace.

Adults are equally affected by the nurturing qualities of touch.  Without touch, many suffer unhealthy consequences such as depression and anxiety.  In our high-tech era, we spend lots more time touching our computer keyboards than our friends and loved ones.  Massage is often considered to be an expensive luxury.

As more and more people increase their health-consciousness, it’s slowly beginning to be accepted that massage is right up there with exercise and a good diet among the ingredients for good health and well-being.

The Body Electric School of Massage, in Oakland, California, is one of the few massage schools that doesn’t erect a barbed-wire fence around erotic touch. The school offers workshops for men and women who want to combine the principles of tantra (sex as meditation) with touch. In short, Body Electric is committed to exploring the healing potential of erotic energy.

The Body Electric techniques involve a series of sensual massages intended to promote muscle relaxation and a positive self image. The techniques utilize the central nervous system as a guide to trigger electrical responses throughout the body by increasing its sensitivity and heightening the many health benefits of massage. In turn, this heightened sensitivity helps boost blood flow, increases the free flow of energy and reinvigorates the body.

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